With the clock ticking, advocates continue fight to stop deportation of Ohio dad

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With a deportation date of July 18, this Ohio dad of four U.S. citizens may have just a few precious days left with his family and community. Despite having six years of ICE check-ins, a clean record, and long work history under his belt, Jesus Lara was fitted with an electronic ankle monitor and told to prepare for deportation following his annual visit with federal immigration agents last March:

“Unfortunately it’s become a pretty common pattern all across country,” said Lynn Tramonte, the deputy director of America’s Voice and an Ohio advocate who has closely followed Lara López’s case. “What’s crazy is that ICE is going after people who are walking into their offices, people who are trying to do what they’re supposed to be doing, the rule followers. (Lara López) is very religious and he’ll do what the government says. He’s just asking for a little compassion.”

Lara López already bought his plane ticket for next Tuesday, though he has faith that a miracle might save him before he’s forced to leave. “I declare I’m going to stay here,” he said during a recent phone interview. “I trust God more than anyone.”

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