UVA professor says that if Trump wants to do something, he can “fire all the white nationalists on his staff, starting with Steve Bannon”

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): Final word to Larry Sabato. Since you’re in Charlottesville, Larry, does what the president says in the coming days matter in Charlottesville? Will it actually help or affect the community? 

LARRY SABATO: Thanks for asking that, Brian, because Donald Trump, of course, is very unpopular anyway here, but he missed his moment. He had the opportunity to do something when it mattered yesterday afternoon, and any of his predecessors in modern times would have had the good instincts to say the right things. He wouldn’t because he won’t denounce part of his base. They are white supremacists. We know what they are. We know who they voted for. So, listen, Brian, if he wants do something and —  to help us and everybody else, let him fire all the white nationalists on his staff, starting with Steve Bannon. Actions speak louder than words, words written by a staff. 

STELTER: You know Bannon would reject being described as a white nationalist. You know that.

SABATO: I don’t care. We all — we’ve read all that we need to read and there are others on that staff too. You know darn well they are. 


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