Raw food diets might be the oldest form of pet food; after all, they are very close to what ancient dogs used to eat. In the past ten years, however, more and more pet owners are switching their dogs to raw diets, for a variety of reasons.
Fact – Dogs that are fed a raw diet, which includes raw meat, raw chicken, bones or egg shells, may not get the nutrition they need to maintain important nutrient levels such as calcium. Pet parents who choose to feed a raw food diet should talk to a veterinarian about balancing and understanding pet food ingredients before switching a dog’s meals.
Different types of diets for dogs Different diets for dogs ... Different types of diets for dogs. What is a complete diet? Complete diets contain every nutrient required by a dog to be healthy and do not need to be fed with other foods. There are wet, dry and raw complete diets available. If you feed both wet and dry complete foods be careful not to overfeed your dog. ...
Because of this, I do not push totally raw diets to giant breed owners but I do encourage them to use a raw balanced component to their daily diet. One that is commercially prepared so it is balanced in calcium/phosphorus and tested for pathogens.
I currently raise and butcher rabbits and a few chickens, ducks for my family but I've been considering also having a few litters to make raw dog food for my dogs. I've seen some posts about fermented vegetables and some people incorporate eggs. Anyone here have some recipies to share. I'm worried that I'll mix up percentages and feed them to ...
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A raw diet for dogs can be beneficial to the dogs' overall health and wellbeing. This page looks at the pros and cons of feeding a raw diet to dogs, the kind of meat and bones to use, how to transition from a dry kibble diet to a raw diet, and more.
Thanks for the article. We have been feeding our 2 dogs and one cat the raw food diet since 2007 (since they were adopted as pups/kitten). The vets are amazed how strong, muscular and healthy they are – but when they find out that they are on the raw meat diet, they try to talk us out of it – go figure.
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Do it yourself raw diet for dogs
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