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Our Founding Principles

Publisher, Susan K Rits

Since the results of our last crazy election, fake news has been all over the news. I believe in free speech, but I also believe in telling the truth. Part of the problem with social media is that it gives anyone a megaphone to reach everyone. Readers and voters are overwhelmed with news, which they’ve lost the capacity to evaluate for authenticity. Half this country can’t tell the difference between an article from the Washington Post in their news feed, and one from the guy working out of his mother’s basement–or a country in eastern Europe.

What we desperately need are platforms to aggregate and disseminate fact-based news from good sources. We need the reliable publisher who only publishes articles that have been thoroughly researched and are supported with facts that have been checked.

That’s what I’m trying to do with Alt Left Press. While it has a strong liberal leaning, I don’t publish any news that isn’t from a reliable source, whether that source is the NYTimes or a stringer working to bring an untold story into the light. I don’t post or share anything that I don’t have 100% confidence in its authenticity and reliability. And if an unreliable article does make its way onto our platform, I’ll be sure to call it out as soon as we learn that it wasn’t accurate.

Find the full list of our news sources here.

My readers (granted, they’re a small group now but growing daily) have come to rely on the variety of sources I bring to them daily. This is a new concept in publishing: a platform aggregating news from multiple sources and guaranteeing that those sources are reliable. But it’s based on a tried and true idea. Like a trusted Walter Cronkite bringing the news to us each evening, the brown derby wearing newsman demanding a rewrite for accuracy, I want my readers to know that they can trust what they’re reading in Alt Left Press is the truth.

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Susan K Rits, Publisher
Alt Left Press | San Francisco, California