Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Charlottesville sorts patriots and cowards

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This is one of those mornings when I have to point out that the columns most papers run on Sunday editorial pages were actually written several days earlier. You know, back during that happy-go-lucky time when we thought that threatening a nuclear war was the worst thing Donald Trump would achieve before his Sunday tee time. This is also one of those Sunday’s when the APR takes on a little different shape. After all, it’s kind of an extraordinary day … in the worse possible sense of that word. 

So don’t expect to see all that many articles about Charlottesville and how an actual Hitler and Trump-loving Nazi hurtled a car into a crowd of peaceful protestors, killing one and injuring nineteen others. 

Don’t expect to see much about how we’re in a country where the president tiptoes around the delicate feelings of white supremacists wearing swastikas and MAGA hats. Or how the torch-wielding crowd was shouting “Heil Trump” as they marched. Or how Republicans have come to consider “anti-fascist”  an insult.

Don’t expect the kind of reaction that came from something as serious as a Muslim man waving a knife in front of a museum half a world away. Do expect a  murder on the streets of America to wait hours for a limp response that blames the violence “on many sides,” And after all, there were at least two sides: The one behind the wheel, and the one under them.

Especially don’t expect Donald Trump to come down on the Alt-Reich. Trump is the Alt-Reich.

Within a couple of days, he’ll find a way to blame the victims. Or someone else. After all, when confronted about Trump’s silence concerning a Minnesota mosque bombed over a week ago, one of his official on-staff Nazis had a reply.

On MSNBC, Sebastian Gorka, a White House adviser and former Breitbart contributor, suggested that the attack was actually a fake. “We’ve had a series of crimes committed, alleged hate crimes, by rightwing individuals in the last six months that turned out to actually have been propagated by the left,” he said.

This is insanity.

Insanity is way too nice. Deplorable was way too nice. Even despicable doesn’t do the job. 

Vidkun Quisling found his name pressed into service for the assistance he gave the Nazis. May the same thing happen to Donald Trump.

Come on in. There will be pundits, but first …

(Note: information regarding the young woman killed in the terrorist attack removed pending official identification.)

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